Two IT Recruitment Sales Coaching Video Calls

Two IT Recruitment Sales Coaching Video Calls

Michal Juhas
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When is the last time you had an outsider—yet senior professional—look over your shoulder and give you valuable feedback on what you can improve in your IT recruitment activities?

We all live in a bubble and are stuck in the same activities.

If you're like most recruitment managers I work with, you want constructive feedback and creative ideas on what YOU can do better, right here, right now... yet there are the same colleagues around all the time...

Professional players have coaches who push them forward.

And I can be your coach in the next few weeks!

Here's what I can do for you: Organize two online workshops where...

  • You show me how you do things
  • and I'll give you constructive, step-by-step feedback on what to improve

Here's what we'll do:

  • Look together at your open positions and JDs
  • Review how you pitch to IT candidates
  • Improve your recruitment funnel to increase response rate and conversions
  • Explain IT terminology related to your open vacancies so you can talk to IT candidates with confidence
  • Practice how you call the candidates and what you say
  • Practice what you ask a hiring manager next time you're on a call

Sounds like something that can get you to the next level? You bet!

Just imagine I will ONLY help you fill one more IT position. How much more in commission will you earn? Several thousands of euros, right?

To make this investment a #noBrainer, here's my money-back guarantee: If you don't find the first session valuable, I'll refund your payment right away.

My capacity is limited... so there are only three clients I can do this for.

If you'd like to get immediate feedback, ideas, and on-the-job training in IT recruitment, please click the "Add To Cart" button and we'll schedule the session afterward.

Look, I've worked with hundreds of IT recruiters and noticed some patterns and can share these insights with you, too.

Based on the positions you source, I'll share some additional training material so you get the best out of yourself.

Ready to join? Let's make this happen! Click the "Add To Cart" button..