Recruiter's Guide To Confident Small-talk With IT Candidates (Workbook + Videos)

Recruiter's Guide To Confident Small-talk With IT Candidates (Workbook + Videos)

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Do You Sometimes Worry About Looking Like A Fool When Talking To IT Specialists? Our Guide has got you covered... No more weird questions!


Get our worksheet in a PDF file with 18 IT roles that recruiters use to learn how to communicate with IT specialists.

Can You Meet These IT Specialists And Ask Relevant Questions?

  • Backend developer
  • ​Frontend developer
  • ​Fullstack developer
  • ​Web developer
  • ​Product owner
  • ​Scrum Master
  • ​CTO
  • ​VP of Engineering
  • ​Product manager
  • ​Project manager
  • ​Software tester
  • ​Database developer
  • ​Database administrator
  • ​Business analyst
  • ​System analyst
  • ​CIO
  • ​IT support specialist
  • ​UX designer
  • ​UI designer

These specialists can sense if recruiters don't know much about IT...

But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Sample Video

This guide comes with 15+ accompanying videos such as this one:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect from this Guide?

It includes 18 of the most common IT roles. As a recruiter, you should get familiar with these roles, be able to make meaningful small-talk next time you meet these people during a meetup or an interview. That's why you are supposed to answer a few questions for each role. If you cannot answer, watch an accompanying video (scan a QR code).

2. I don't intend to code, is that OK?

We don't teach recruiters any programming skills. The purpose of our training (and these mind maps) is to teach how to interact with IT folks, how to speak to software developers with confidence, and generally to understand the technologies they work with. As a result, the recruiters who go through our program can source, recruit, and fill in more IT positions.

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