My Recruitment Method Revealed (Ebook + Webinar)

My Recruitment Method Revealed (Ebook + Webinar)

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Would you like to see step-by-step how I recruited a senior IT manager?


How I Recruited A Senior IT Manager Using LinkedIn Ads... And How Can YOU Fill IT Positions On The Side, Too!

Get my new e-book (with two amazing bonuses!), learn these cool tricks, and improve your recruitment funnel right away.

You Will Learn...

  • How to break down your Recruitment Funnel so you see if you are on the right way to closing the position... page 12
  • ​How to convince a CTO of your qualities even if you don't work for a well-known brand or you recruit on-the-side... page 17
  • ​How to figure out WHO is really needed for the vacancy so you don't bring leads that will not be the right fits eventually... page 19
  • ​How to identify the key selling points which will attract the best IT candidates... page 21
  • ​How to rewrite a boring job description and write a catchy teaser so you stand out as a recruiter... page 23
  • ​How to set up a LinkedIn Ads campaign to send messages to potential candidates AUTOMATICALLY... without you sending messages all day... page 28
  • ​How to create an image that will be used in ads so you increase your open rate... page 34
  • ​How to automate lead generation and integrate with your CRM or spreadsheet so you don't have to import candidates manually every day... page 37
  • ​How to qualify the leads who apply and want to get in touch with you... QUICKLY... page 42
  • ​How to message the leads effectively without annoying them... page 46
  • ​How to introduce yourself in a powerful way when calling an IT candidate... page 49
  • ​How to screen IT candidates even if you don't know much about IT (yet)... page 52
  • ​How to arrange super-powerful introductions so that the hiring manager is excited about the candidates you bring on board... page 54
  • ​How to organize technical assessments even if you don't know what to ask the "geeks"... page 56
  • ​How to keep the hottest leads warm so you don't lose them if the recruitment process takes forever... page 58
  • How to prepare the candidate for an interview with TOP management so they don't screw up and your effort goes in vain... page 60

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect from this Ebook?

I recruited an IT manager for an international corporation earlier this year (in 2020). In this ebook, I will walk you through STEP BY STEP what I did, how, and why. It's like looking over my shoulder... with the difference you already know the result (which is a successful hire!).

2. I don't recruit IT roles, why should I care?

Lots of the principles I talked about are applicable across the board. I would use LinkedIn Ads even if I were to recruit a CFO.

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